About SLI Chemicals

Fine Chemicals and More …

Since 1997 we are the trading and distribution partner for selected specialty chemicals and natural raw materials focused on the cosmetic and pet food industries as well as related applications.
Our business is based on long-term and reliable relationships with partners in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. We focus on raw materials and solutions for the Feed, Food and Pet Food industry, Personal Care & Beauty and continuously enlarging our portfolio for the Detergents and Cleaning industry. Our broad and constantly growing product range addresses equally the requirements towards sustainability as well as cost/performance.

Our Services:

  • Innovative ingredients
  • Application technology advice and market intelligence service
  • Flexibility and short reaction times thanks to lean structures
  • Customer individual supply chain solutions and product sourcing
  • Fast and flexible availability of raw materials
  • Small volume supply
  • Fast and uncomplicated product sampling


We want to enable our customers to meet actual and future trends with innovative ingredients


High reliability in product quality, availability and compliance with global standards


Develop sustainable business with our partners; enable them to enlarge their market presence with existing and new ingredients

SLI Chemicals: Distribution partner for specialty and semispecialty chemicals in the Life Science industry.