Food & Animal Nutrition

Amino Acids

Citrulline LAJI92372-75-8206-759-6
DL-MethionineFeed Grade59-51-8200-432-125 kg Bag
GlycineUSP, BP, EP, FCCIV, Feed, Food, GMP+, REACHWith and without Anti-CakingE-64056-40-6200-272-225 kg Bag and 500 kg Big-Bag
L-AlanineUSP3556-41-7200-273-825 kg Drum
L-ArginineUSP41, EP 8.0, FCCXFermented74-79-3200-811-1
L-Aspartic AcidEP 9.056-84-8200-291-625 kg Bag
L-Cysteine HCL, MonohydrateAJI92- Made from Duck Feathers - with and without Anti-CakingE-92006.04.48615-117-8
L-CystineFCCVIMade from duck feathers56-89-3200-296-325 kg Drum, 600 kg Big-Bag
L-Cystine (non-animal source)FCCVI56-89-3200-296-325 kg Drum
L-GlutamineFCCX, USP2956-85-9200-292-125 kg Drum
L-Glutamic AcidFCCIV56-86-0200-293-725 kg Bag
L-LeucineUSP3840 - 60 Mesh61-90-5200-522-025 kg Drum
L-Lysine, HCL, MonohydrochlorideUPS36, USP4220 - 100 Mesh657-27-2211-519-925 kg Bag
L-SerineUSP3456-45-1200-274-325 kg Drum
Monosodium GlutamateFoo Grade, AJI42 - 200 Mesh03.04.06205-538-125 kg Bag
Sodium GlycinateFood Grade6000-44-8227-842-325 kg Bag or Drum
JP16, JP17, USP40, Feed Grade, GMP+With and without Anti-Caking107-35-7107-35-725 kg Bag