Industrial & Home Care


ProductChemical Name/CompositionAvailable as RSPOManufacturerHome CareI & ICar Care
CONTRASPUM 1010 WENCombination of emulsifiers, paraffin oil, fatty alcohol, fatty acid derivatives and silicone compoundsMBZschimmer & Schwarzemptyquarterquarter
CONTRASPUM 1010 WNCombination of emulsifiers, paraffin oil, fatty alcohol, fatty acid derivatives, silicone compoundsZschimmer & Schwarzemptyquarterquarter
CONTRASPUM 300Alkyl polyalkylene glycol etherZschimmer & Schwarzquarterhalfquarter
CONTRASPUM A 4050Combination of alkyl polyalkylene glycol ethers, fatty alcohols, higher ethers and estersZschimmer & Schwarzthreequarterfullhalf
CONTRASPUM M 4053Combination of paraffin oil, fatty acid derivatives, non-ionic emulsifier and small amounts of silicic acidZschimmer & Schwarzemptyhalfhalf
CONTRASPUM W conc.Thixotropic silicone oil emulsionZschimmer & Schwarzemptyhalfhalf