Personal Care

Natural or Organic Oils

Amaranth OilAMARANTHUS CAUDATUS SEED EXTRACTskin conditioning, moisturizing, antiaging, hair-conditioning, damaged skin, rich in squalene and linoic acid, contains natural alpha-Tocopherol
Amazonas Virgin Acai OilEUTERPE OLERACEA FRUIT OILantioxidant, antiaging, strengthen and repairs brittle hair, hair gloss100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Andiroba OilCARAPA GUIANENSIS OILanti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-cellulite, anti-dandruff, reduces itching100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Babassu Seed OilORBIGNYA OLEIFERA OILlipophilic adjuvant, moisturizing, emulsifying100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Bacaba OilOENOCARPUS DISTICHUS FRUIT OILhighly moisturizing, revitalizes and nourishes skin and scalp100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Buriti OilMAURITIA FLEXUOSA FRUIT OILmoisturizing, improve elasticity, reduces redness, for dry skin, hair smoothness and gloss100% NATURAL
Amazonas Copaiba Balsam OilCOPAIFERA OFFICINAL RESINantibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, anti-dandruff, balances sebum production100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Guava Seed OilPSIDIUM GUAJAVA SEED OILantimicrobial, astringent, anti-acne, antioxidant, anti-aging100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Ojon OilELAEIS OLEIFERA KERNEL OILrich in amino acids and antioxidants, same constitution as hair keratin, skin hydration, rich in carotenoids, restoring hair fibers100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Paranut Oil / Brazil Nut OilBERTHOLLETIA EXCELSA NUT OILanti-aging effect, prevents moisture loss, hair moisturizing for split ends, high in hair amino acids methionine, cysteine, glutamine and arginine100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Passion Flower Maracuja Seed OilPASSIFLORA EDULIS SEED OILreduces TEWL, skin soothing, sebum balancing, reduces oily skin, contributes to hair volume and lightness100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Pataua Fruit OilOENOCARPUS BATAUA FRUIT OILfor dry skin, leaves a lipid film, anti-dandruff, revitalizing hair, hair silkness and hair moisturizing100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Pracaxy Seed Oil / Pracachy Seed OilPENTACLETHRA MACROLOBA SEED OILgloss improvement, combality improvement, strengthens hair roots, antimicrobial to treat acne, stimulates production of collagen and elastin, cell renewal100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Tucuma Fruit OilASTROCARYUM TUCUMA SEED OILskin moisturizing and nourishing, hair repair, antioxidant100% NATURAL
Argan Oil organicARGANIA SPINOSA OILskin conditioning, hair glossORGANIC
Baobab Oil organicADANSONIA DIGITATA SEED OILemollient, hair conditioning, skin conditioningORGANIC; FAIR TRADE
Jojoba Oil golden organic / conventionalSIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS SEED OILemollient, hair conditioning, skin conditioningORGANIC
Jojoba Oil colorless organic / conventionalSIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS SEED OILemollient, hair conditioning, skin conditioningORGANIC
NAT Deodorized Oat OilAVENA SATIVA KERNEL OILmoisturizing, softening and conditioning for skin and hair, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-irritantCOSMOS
NAT Deodorized Apple Seed OilPYRUS MALUS SEED OILskin elasticity, skin regeneration, hair nourishing, easy to style hair, very light feel, no greasinessCOSMOS
NAT Hazelnut T OilCORYLUS AVELLANA SEED OILmasking, skin barrier funtion, reconstructing sebum, light feel, no greasiness, characteristic smell of pralineCOSMOS
NAT Organic Deodorized Baobab OilADANSONIA DIGITA SEED OILemollient, hair conditioning, skin conditioningCOSMOS ORGANIC
NAT Organic Deodorized Hemp Seed OilCANNABIS SATIVA SEED OILTHC < 0,2%, perfect for sensitive skin and skin diseases, also for hair care and sensitive scalpCOSMOS ORGANIC
NAT Organic Deodorized Pomegranate OilPUNICA GRANATUM SEED OILslightly shiny film, penetrates easily, anti-inflammatoryCOSMOS ORGANIC
NAT Organic Gascony Plum OilPRUNUS DOMESTICA SEED OILsoothing, nourishing, emolliency properties, spreads easily, penetrates quickly, silky feel, characteristic smell of marzipanCOSMOS ORGANIC
NAT Organic Provence Olive OilOLEA EUROPAEA FRUIT OILnourishing, emollient and softening properties, excellent healing agent, deodorizedCOSMOS ORGANIC
Seabuckthorn Pulp Oil organic / conventionalHIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES FRUIT OILskin conditioning, moisturizing, antiaging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, rich in palmitinic acid, vitamin A, E, KCOSMOS
Various other natural oils, like broccoli seed oil, cocos oil, pumpkin seed oil, camellia seed oil, cranberry seed oil, linseed oil, evening prime rose oil, wheat germ oil, strawberry seed oil, cucumber seed oil, elderberry seed oil, water melon seed oil, vanilla oil, coffee bean oil etc. Please contact your sales representative for a complete overview and technical advise.