Personal Care

Natural Vegetable Butters

Amazonas Virgin Bacuri Seed ButterPLATONIA INSIGNIS MARTmoisturizing, carrier, velvety touch100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Cupuacu Seed ButterTHEOBROMA GRANDIFLORUM SEED BUTTERmoisturizing, skin elasticity, anti-aging and after-sun products, protective layer to hair to retain water, improves tensile strength100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Muru Muru ButterASTROCARYUM MURU MURU BUTTERantimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, highly recommended for Afro-ethnic hair for better manageability, curl definition100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Tucuma ButterASTROCARYUM TUCUMA BUTTERsimilar to silicone, dry hair with split ends, restore lipid layer on hair, regenerates ethnic hair and provides curl definition100% NATURAL
Amazonas Virgin Ucuuba Seed ButterVIROLA SURINAMENSIS SEED BUTTERanti-inflammatory, antiseptic, ideal for treating acne, eczema, dry or irritated skin100% NATURAL
Jojoba Butter colorlessSIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS SEED OIL, BEESWAX, HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OILquickly absorbed by skin, nourishing, soft and silky feeling100% NATURAL
Jojoba Butter golden (organic / conventional)
NAT Gascony Plum ButterPRUNUS DOMESTICA SEED OIL, HYDROGENATED PRUNUS DOMESTICA SEED OILspreads easily, nourishing, moisturizing, texturizer, slight shiny effect, characteristic smell of marzipan, MP 63-69°CCOSMOS
NAT Hazelnut T. ButterCORYLUS AVELLANA SEED OIL (AND) HYDROGENATED HAZELNUT OILnourishing and repairing for hair and skin, leaves a soft and non-shiny feel, praline-like odor, MP 62-72°CCOSMOS
NAT Oat ButterAVENA SATIVA KERNEL OIL, HYDROGENATED AVENA SATIVA KERNEL OILfirm to the touch, but malleable, provides body, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, MP 50-65°CCOSMOS
NAT Pistachio ButterPISTACIA VERA SEED OIL, HYDROGENATED PISTACIA VERA SEED OILspreads easily, penetrates quickly, softening, nourishing, MP 62-68°CCOSMOS
PREMIUM Organic Almond ButterPRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS OIL, HYDROGENATED SWEET ALMOND OILspreads easily, penetrates quickly, velvety soft finish, moisturizing, emulsion stabilizer, MP 65-71°CCOSMOS ORGANIC
PREMIUM Organic Apricot ButterPRUNUS ARMENIACA KERNEL OIL, HYDROGENATED APRICOT KERNEL OILnourishing, skin glow, spreads easily, softens skin, emulsion stabilizer, MP 63-69°CCOSMOS ORGANIC
PREMIUM Organic Argan ButterARGANIA SPINOSA KERNEL OIL, HYDROGENATED ARGANIA SPINOSA KERNEL OILfirm feel, spreads easily, penetrates quickly, dry and matte finish, emulsion stabilizer, MP 63-69°CCOSMOS ORGANIC
PREMIUM Organic Avocado ButterPERSEA GRATISSIMA OIL, HYDROGENATED AVOCADO OILsoft and rich feel, comfortable and dry finish, MP 58-64°CCOSMOS ORGANIC
PREMIUM Organic Coconut ButterCOCOS NUCIFERA OIL, HYDROGENATED COCONUT OILvery smooth, nourishing, protecting, slight shine, MP 26-35°CCOSMOS ORGANIC
PREMIUM Organic Hemp ButterCANNABIS SATIVA SEED OIL, HYDROGENATED CANNABIS SATIVA SEED OILTHC < 0,2%, very smooth and melting feel, good penetration, velvet touch, MP 61-72°CCOSMOS ORGANIC
PREMIUM Organic Olive ButterOLEA EUROPAEA FRUIT OIL, HYDROGENATED OLIVE DRUIT OILnourishing, softening, emollient, firm consistency, spreads easily, dry and matte finish, emulsion stabilizer, MP 55-65°CCOSMOS ORGANIC