Personal Care

An extraordinary zinc oxide range meeting formulation challenges in
sustainable sun care, day care, colour cosmetics and more

Zano® 10 und Zano® 10 Plus

  • Best balance between broadband UV protection and transparency

Zano® 20 und Zano® 20 Plus

  • Offering the highest levels of transparency

Zano® M und Zano® M Plus

  • Offering the highest levels of UVA protection

Xperse® dispersions

  • Based on Zano®, e.g. Xperse® 102, 201,…
  • Based on Zano® in combination with TiO2, e.g. Xperse® 301, 401
  • Xperse® TS is a easy to use dispersion containing Assure+ as booster for high SPF

Assure+ UVA + UVB Booster

Zano® - Zinc Oxide Powders 

Zano® 10balanced protection in UVB, UVA and transparency, uncoatedCOSMOS
Zano® 10 Plusbalanced protection in UVB, UVA and transparency, coated with triethoxycaprylyl silane
Zano® 20highest level of transparency, uncoatedCOSMOS
Zano® 20 Plushighest level of transparency, coated with triethoxycaprylyl silane
Zano® Mhighest level of UVA protection, uncoatedCOSMOS; NATRUE
Zano® M Plushighest level of UVA protection, coated with triethoxycaprylyl silane

Xperse® - Zinc Oxide Dispersions

(produced with Polyhydroxystearic Acid)
Product% FilterUV Filter(s)Dispersion BaseLabel
Xperse® 10160%Zano® 10Sesame OilCOSMOS
Xperse® 10260%Zano® 10Caprylic/Capric TriglycerideCOSMOS; NATRUE
Xperse® 20160%Zano® 10 PlusCaprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Xperse® 15170%Zano® MSesame OilCOSMOS
Xperse® 15270%Zano® MCaprylic/Capric TriglycerideCOSMOS
Xperse® 25170%Zano® M PlusCaprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Xperse® 30130%Zano® 10 TiO2 (nano)Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Xperse® 40130%Zano® 10 Plus TiO2 (nano)Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Xperse® 50130%Zano® 20Caprylic/Capric TriglycerideCOSMOS; NATRUE
Xperse® 60130%Zano 20® PlusCaprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Xperse® TS60%Zano® 20 (plus booster Assure+)Coco-CaprylateCOSMOS

UVA/UVB Booster

Assure+ (INCI: Pongamia Pinnata Seed Extract)Natural booster (solid) for significant increase of SPF and UVA-PF, 0,10-0,25%COSMOS; NATRUE